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  Alhussain Aldeghreer  

  Managing Partner  

Alhussain, the founder is a competent and result oriented professional who has extensive experience in providing assurance and advisory services.

Work/Project Experience

•Managed the set up of finance/accounting function for many companies.
•Managed the restructuring and P&P development of the internal audit function for a leading Investment Bank.
•Managed the restructuring of the finance function for one of the leading retailers.
•Led many assurance & outsourced accounting engagements in various industries Led the policies and procedures development project for many companies.
•Led the development of an enterprise governance framework for a leading conglomerate in Saudi Arabia.

Our Team

 Mohammed Samir 


Samir is an auditing, accounting and tax professional with over 15 years’ experience of internal audit, financial management and accounting, experienced in financial analysis, financial reporting.

Areas Of Expertise

•Internal Audit.
•Business Analyst.
•Financial Management.
•Risk Management.
•VAT & ERP implementation.

 Tanvir Ahmad 


Mr. Ahmed is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Areas Of Expertise

•Internal Audit.
•Business Development.
•Organizational restructuring.
•Risk Management.
•Change Management.

 Intisar Dini 

 Senior Accountant 

Intisar is a detail-oriented Accountant professional with 8 years of experience in financial management and accounting.

Areas Of Expertise

•Financial Reporting.
•Strategic Management.
•Odoo Business Analyst.
•ERP implementation.

 Seham Jamani 

 Budgeting and Planning Supervisor 

Seham Jamani is an experienced accountant with Bachelor's degree with over 8 years’ experience in accounting and had taken over several positions.

Areas Of Expertise

•Planning and budgeting.

 Mohamed Salama 


Mohammad has more than 12 years experience in reputable audit firms like KPMG and Mazars.

Areas Of Expertise

•Financial Reporting.
•Financial Management.
•Risk Management.
•Corporate Governancet.

 Omar Yassin Hussain Yassin 

 Director of technical support 

Omar has over than 5 years experience in preparing financial statments.

Areas Of Expertise

•Computer field.
•Administrative field.
•Financial audit field.

 Mohamed Marta 


Mohammad has more than 5 years experience in Accounting and bookkeeping. And two years experience as an audit associate.

Areas Of Expertise

•Financial reporting.
•Audit services.
•Bookkeeping Service.

 Tahnoon Aldeghreer 

 Audit Associate 

Tahnoon has more than 2 years experience in Accounting, Financial Reporting and Audit.

Areas Of Expertise

•Financial reporting.
•Audit services.