Enterprise Risk management

Alhussain aldeghreer CPA analyzes the risks from an integrated perspective, exploring risk relationships within your organization and is more aware of the material risks. Whether your company is just beginning its risk management journey or has an established framework in place, we can assist you in your efforts. We work on a proven process to help you identify and assess material risks and develop specific mitigation strategies:

1. Risk Identification and Assessment.
2. Risk Analysis.
3. Risk Evaluation.
4. Risk Reporting.
5. Technology Strategies.


The members of Alhussain aldeghreer CPA are experts in helping distressed companies all around the world that have both local and international operations.
Services available through the alliance include:

• Corporate restructuring.
• Creditor negotiations.
• Receivership.
• Liquidation.
• Seeking alternatives to insolvency.
• Administration.

Our members' experience extends across a wide spectrum of industries including: agriculture, aviation and aerospace, banking, energy and natural resources, franchising, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, nonprofit, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and biotech, retail, sports, telecommunications, tourism and hospitality, transport, distribution and logistics.

Performance improvement

Alhussain aldeghreer CPA performance improvement services include:
• Process improvement.
• Expense management.
• Organizational design.
• Business process reengineering.
• Evaluating manual processes and systems operations.
• Leveraging technology to drive business initiatives.

Strategy consulting

We help you maximize value through strategic planning, integrated business unit-strategies, optimizing business portfolios, and assessing resource rationalization and allocation. Our Strategy-focused performance improvement services may include:

• Strategic planning and business model optimization.
• Driving top-down and bottom-line corporate growth.
• Strategic sourcing.
• Financial modeling and forecasting.
• Cost transformation and cost reduction.
• Pricing strategy.
• Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
• Continuous improvement.