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Zakat and income tax

Zakat and tax systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are constantly evolving, and the aspects of these systems are subject to many possible interpretations by the Department of Zakat, taxable business owners, as well as tax consultants. We are professionals in Saudi Arabian Zakat and Tax law and regulations in which we:

• Review the accounting methods for zakat and the financial statements.
• Make recommendations regarding tax return documents.
• Review the language of contracts to identify expressions that may lead to negative and unintended tax consequences.
• Prepare objections and subscriptions in negotiations to settle any tax dispute with the Department of Zakat and Income Tax
• Calculate the amount of zakat and tax.
• Follow-up on the declarations for previous years in order to resolve outstanding issues and obtain final certificates of tax or zakat.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

• VAT Registration & Deregistration.
• VAT Implementation & Compliance.
• VAT Return Filling.
• VAT Advisory.
• VAT Training.
• VAT Documentation.
• VAT Tax Agent.

Withholding Tax Advisory

-Receiving the data and documents related to withholding tax for review and ensuring the classification is in accordance with the withholding tax categories.
-Preparing the monthly deduction form and submitting it to the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT).
-Receiving notices and payment invoices, and guiding customers to precede direct electronic payments through his bank accounts.
-Ensuring that the monthly deduction form is submitted via the online portal within the assigned deadline to avoid any penalty.
-Providing continuous advice regarding any developments about withholding tax.